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About Caresoft

We’re a global healthcare IT company that makes software products for health care verticals like hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, medical colleges and diagnostic centers.
Our innovative solutions like HMS(Hospital Management System), LIS (Lab Information System), RIS (Radiology Information System) and CMS (Clinic Information System) help our clients in delivering enhanced patient care, Optimized resource management and Information management.
We deliver solutions that goes beyond automation enabling hospitals to give better patient care, manage their resources in smarter way and control revenue leakages hence increasing productivity and profitability

HIS About Us

Team Members

Each of us is completely different.that’s why we are the most versatile

You can find me here
You can find me here
You can find me here
Saroj Kumar
General manager (Sales)
You can find me here
Kalyan Pal
Vice President (HR)
You can find me here
Rajeev Pillai
Vice President (Sale)

Milestones Achieved

We are on a mission to help people


Success Stories

we constantly strive to innovate and implement new ideas of Information Technology in the present scenario.


Our decision support system helps Consultants for recommending the system for increase in patients inflow.


Our solutions are running across multi locations and multi nations making the most of information technology


Our no-cap policy on users help strengthen our relation with our clients with flexibility to add more users on later stage.

Vision & Values

Our aim is to design and develop such solutions that are dedicated to our clients and their successes and we constantly strive to innovate and implement new ideas of Information Technology in the present scenario.

Our mission is to create efficient solutions, reduce costs, reduce capital requirements, support faster time to market, create a more responsive company, service customers better and reach new customers and markets and drive progress for our clients.

Our company’s vision is to To extend and enhance the reach and quality of services to our clients and to help them achieve enduring success and prosperity.

HIS Value and Vision

About CCPL

  • The Group
  • Established in – March, 2007
  • Number of Employees – 90+
  • Offices – Mumbai, Delhi, Bihar
  • Founders – Smita Prashant Kumar, Prassant Kumar

Our Strength

  • Teamwork
  • Customer-Centricity & Low on Cost High on Benefits
  • Commitment to Quality and Excellence
  • Backing of Skilled Experts of their Industries

Our Values

  • Integrity and honesty
  • Passion for customers, for our partners, and for technology

Corporate Social Responsibility

A charitable organization actively working on health , Education & Skill Developments .

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