Caresoft CIS Product Suite

CIS product suite

Today hospitals and other healthcare Organizations are facing a mix of challenges like budgetary pressures.consumerism and technology.Hospitals are facing other issues such as cost efficiency,regulatory changes,increased patient expectations and an increased focus on internal performance improvements.

CARESOFT Hospital Information System(HIS)helps healthcare verticals achieve their goals and face these challenges effectively so that they are able to deliver world class patient care with improving health are standard ultimately banefitting the common man.CARESOFT HIS is the proven,smart choice for hospitals and health system of any size,which is designed for the environment of the today with adaptability to accommodate the challenges of the future.

Hospitals are adopting Information Technology as a vital solution, in automation of hospital management process. Caresoft can contribute to your digital growth with a unified suite of digital solutions proven to streamline administration, reduce costs, control revenue leakages and enhance patient safety and increase overall profitability of your hospital.

Caresoft solutions enable Doctors, Management and other authorized users to share data and streamline processes across an entire organization. Our solutions allow swift and accurate ordering, documentation, billing and MIS. An Online “digital chart” & Business Intelligence (BI) tool displays up-to-date patient information in real time with complete decision-support tools for Doctors, Management, CXO’s and Administrators.

Caresoft CIS Product Suite

A more performance based intelligent approach to hospital management



Advance, Innovative & Complete Integrated Solution.
Simple To Learn & Easy To Use.
Platform / Device / Operating System Independent.
ICD 10, CPOE, HL7 Compliant.
Reports as per ISO,NABH,MCI guidelines.
Modular, State Of The Art, Hassel Free And No Worry Solution.
Cloud-ready, Browser Based Solution, Compatible With Latest Gadgets (Tablet/Smart Phone/I-pad).
Smart Card /barcode Which Helps In Hospital Brand Building & Facilitates faster record retrieval.
In built BI Tool – Business Intelligence (BI) Improves patient care by driving better decision making.
Throughout the organization by viewing and managing each department’s performance.
Interface with SQL Business Intelligence Report Tool
Personalized Dashboards for Management, Consultants, CXOs , Patients and end users
Automatic E-mail / SMS Schedulers for management , CXOs
Internal Mailing System
Excellent Support System

Caresoft CIS Product Suite

Benefits of CIS product suite


Integration with mobile devices like tablets and iPhone enabling clinicians to have immediate access to patient’s up-to-date records and work remotely increasing their efficiency Interoperability and functionality like easily accessible and configurable alerts and reminders, to do lists and schedules to optimize workflow.
Easy Access to Patient Data: provides convenient access to medical records at all points of care. This is especially beneficial at ambulatory points, hence enhancing continuity of care.
Structured Information: The Hospital information is well organized, thus making it easier to maintain and quicker to search through for relevant information. The information is also legible, making it less likely that mistakes would be made due to illegible writing.
Improved Drug Prescription and Patient Safety: improves drug dosing and this leads to the reduction of adverse drug interactions while promoting more appropriate pharmaceutical utilization Training and Research: Patient information can be made available to physicians for the purpose of training and research. Data mining of the information stored in databases could provide insights into disease states and how best to manage them.
Increases productivity of your workforce by eliminating repetitive tasks and empowering them to focus on revenue generation activities – More time More Patients More Profits.
Business Intelligence & Reporting : used to analyse data captured in the healthcare setting to directly inform decision-making. It has the power to positively impact patient care delivery, health outcomes and business operations.
Platform and OS Independent saving time and cost of capex
Increase Patient throughput and reduce lost charges to enhance revenue capture

Caresoft CIS Product Suite


Caresoft Clinic Information System (CIS)

Patient Management
Invoice Management / Billing
Advance Patient Management
Dotor Management
Lab Management
Radiology & Imaging
Masters Management
Admin Management
Stores Management
Equipment Management

Caresoft CIS Product Suite

The whole system has been designed in a way
that will deliver improved functionality that includes:


Benefits-In a Nutshell

Flexible and adaptable Web based system available both on secure cloud based service and on-premises solution.
Consistent user ID password across clinical applications.
Linking of appointment schedules with goggle calendar & outlook (PC based) and Android Calendar (Mobile based).
Ability to view prescriptions, doctor notes, procedure reports, referrals and clinic letters.
Order entry for pathology and radiology tests.
Doctor dashboards for one point access/management of all patient data, calendar ,campaigns, quick messaging system.
In built Business Intelligence Tool that provides insights to CXO’s/Doctors for Medical decision improving patient and service outcomes and in improving business efficiency and reduce cost.
On line appointment booking and scheduling.
Auto Email / SMS Schedulers for Management/ CXO’s to get Hands-on information about all the B.O.R./ Fund Flow /P & L statements other activities related to the hospital and successes Comprehensive point-of-care patient content easily accessible to various departments View of existing referrals and associated care.
Configurable sms alerts at every point and email facility for all reports Configurable financial dashboards and task management tools that enable practices to design self-updating collection work lists