Within span of a decade our success stroy continues to leap forward

Caresoft – A Brand in Making

We have founded Caresoft in March ‘1997. We were passionate about designing innovative solutions for the health care Industry. We started with small to medium size hospitals, clinics, nursing homes promoting our premium offering Hospital Information System – Caresoft HIS. Within a span of 3 years we were able to establish ourselves as a leading health care IT firm with some niche products in our kitty. We acquired more clients through good referrals and mouth to mouth publicity. Till this time we had 150+ clients who have been using our different solutions for their respective needs and domains.

Meanwhile we upgraded our product range from older technology of basic windows based client server architecture to hi-end browser based applications with latest MVC architecture and React technology. We took a time of 3 years to totally revamp our entire product range to more future ready and sustainable solutions. These solutions were laced with some exclusive features like device, OS and platform independence, inbuilt Business Intelligence tool which our competitors were offering as an additional feature that also charged on per user license based, designing and developing of relatively newer modules like infection control, revenue cycle management and use of IOT in hospital management.

This is our third upgrade which we have updated at many of our clients who have been successfully using our software systems for the past 10 years. We worked hard to bring this new upgraded product in the market seeing and measuring all possible gains and areas of enhancement so that it is widely accepted by one and all.

This new product has a user friendly and latest User interface (UI) and User Experience with fully modernized responsive design pages that are laptop, mobile and tablet ready. This helps in a patient centric system where doctors can access their patent’s data on the go and health care delivery process is made faster and easier.

We are promoting our Hospital Management System in two ways, first on premises and second on cloud.The cloud hosted model is promoted as Carelite HMS. Carelite is India’s first ever Hospital Management System on SaaS (Software as a Service) Model where you pay on per patient billing. Unlike other SaaS models where you pay monthly rentals even if you are not using the services. Here in Carelite you pay only for what you use. Carelite is a cloud based, easily accessible and user-friendly and secured application of new digital India.

As healthcare industry is volatile a provider which is constantly upgrading its product as per the new trends and user requirements also keeping a tab on all statutory, regional, mandatory and environmental requirements will emerge as a winner. Caresoft in all respects has maintained client loyalty and have been surprising its esteemed client base with constant innovations.

In a small period we have managed to install our products in hospitals which were using solutions of some reputed IT companies which are three times older than our firm. Our single mantra of success is – Dedication to work and Client Satisfaction.