Social Gatherings

A company that wins together

Company is a Team of performers. Each one of us doing our worth to meet our
company goal. Each one of us collectively pulling the chord to reach the company to
the pinnacle of success. Yes we ARE doing it together, sharing it together.

A company that celebrates together

We value human relations surrounded by social obligations. It keeps one agile and
high spirited. Contended mind does a better job. So we encourage participation at
every possible opportunity to make the employee feel at home by way of
celebrating their Birth Days, Anniversaries, common festivals, celebrating their
achievements etc. We sing together, dance together and perform together.

A company that stays together

For a successful company it is essential we walk together a long journey. Employee
is strength and pillars of a company upon which success and failure depends. As
such we need to stay together. It is an collective effort, we share together.

Resulting in a strong bonding

All these togetherness ultimately results in strong bonding amongst us. We share
and feel pain and happiness together. Such bonding takes us a long way to a
sustainable relationship building a Trust on each other for a victorious outcome

For any Industry or Organization, Human Relation occupies the Top slot among other criteria vertically. This is the one and most important attribute responsible for taking the Organization forward or reverse. For simple reason, Human resource is the back bone of an organization which needs to be handled with care.

In Caresoft we do give prominence to this vital criteria and say ‘A company that loses together, wins together, celebrates together, stays together’, outlines the expression of our strong Bonding. We believe in creating such an atmosphere at the workplace where people enjoy working and give their best as output. We give an opportunity to strike a healthy balance betweentheir duty and social activity. At the end of the day, we would like to see a smiling face as at the beginning of the day.

As a small gesture to the employees, caresoft celebrates their Birth Days, Farewells, any important mile stones in their lives eg. Wedding anniversaries to mention a few so that they feel belonged. Apart from this, Caresoft makes it a point to celebrate together major festivals like Holi(festival of colours), Ganesh Chaturthi, Navaratri, Diwali etc with great zeal and enthusiasm with active participation of one and all.

Caresoft believes in walking together in its long journey.