Highly Scalable & Configurable Laboratory Information System(LIS)

LIS Product suite

Caresoft Consultancy Private Limited introduces for the first time ever in India, a  laboratory information system, Carelis that suits every Diagnostics Centers’ requirements and budget. Care LIS is a browser  (cloud and on-premises hosting) based application.

It must also provide validation, accountability, speed, and tracking to meet stringent regulatory requirements.

LABSTAR is a complete LIS for independent, commercial, diagnostic, and research labs of all sizes, from single to multi-facility. All routine lab tasks are managed, including order entry, result entry, barcodes, phlebotomy, user-definable reports, online lab report printing, and analyzer interfaces, to name a few.

LABSTAR is an integrated single solution, offering the industry’s broadest range of user-configurable functionality and is based entirely on open standards. This provides the best solution to present requirements and also enables the system to be readily adapted as your business evolves. Our commitment to open standards also means that LABSTAR will be compatible with your existing computing environment and that you can be confident it will adapt to the future.

Our proven solution promises the most rapid possible ROI with high-performance Hospital Billing Software and clinic management system.

The system is powerful, infinitely scalable, and is as suitable for a lab with 10 users as it is for an enterprise with thousands. Integration with various lab equipment is an added advantage. The system offers complete integration of the workflow process: from administration and patient registry to phlebotomy, sample reception, electronic request, covering the analytical process, validation and reporting, statistics, stock management, and more.

Key Features of LIMS System for Small Laboratories

A laboratory information management system (LIMS) is a kind of software that allows you to manage your sample or associated data effectively. Using Caresoft lab software allows your lab to automate workflows, manage associated lab data, and integrate information. The key feature of LIMS systems for small laboratories is that the software can produce reliable data fast, track laboratory-oriented data, and improve the overall experiment efficiency. Using LIMS, labs can ensure compatibility with customer requirements and can evolve laboratory core needs as well.

Key Features of Lab Software

Advance, Innovative & Complete Integrated Solution
Simple to learn & Easy to use
Modular, State of the Art, Hassel Free, and No worry Solution
Cloud-Ready, Browser Based, Compatible with the latest gadgets
Reduces duplication of information entries
Optimizes report turnaround time
Business Intelligence (BI) Improves patient care by driving better decision-making throughout the organization by viewing and managing each department’s performance.
Personalized Dashboards for Management, Consultants, CXOs, Patients, and end users.
Internal Mailing System
Excellent Support System

How Does Your Pathology Lab / Radiology Diagnostic Centres Benefit from our LIMS software?

There are many benefits that your pathology lab or radiology diagnostic center will receive from our LIMS software. The core advantage of lab management software is that it helps to reduce clerical work and gives a better evolution of workload. It helps with faster communication and improves the information given to the clinician. The benefits of laboratory software include instrument management, data management, sample management, and improved productivity and quality, which are the major reasons for using LIMS Software.

Benefits of Lab Management System

Streamlined, productive workflow
Reduced costs and improved efficiency
Improved transparency to lab work status
Flexibility to accommodate new requirements
Improved quality and compliance
Online Lab Reporting
Barcode Enabled Software
Have the freedom to choose and change the operating system, database, and browsers versions
Minimize the time and cost of deployment, maintenance, and training
More profitable laboratory outreach business

10+ Modules – Manage Your Laboratory in One Place

LIMS software provides one location for all laboratory processes. Get 10+ Modules to Manage Your Laboratory in One Place from our official Caresoft Laboratory Management System. Our caresoft LIMS software module is the key unit in any lab facility. Even lab management software fully coordinates all engineering and architectural systems. Our well-designed lab management software module includes flexibility that encourages change within the building. Even lab planning modules include the ability to adapt to expansions easily. Contraction without sacrificing facility functionality.

Modules – Custom Designed For Laboratory

Patient Management
Invoice Management / Billing
Advance Patient Management
Doctor Management
Lab ManagementReports
Masters Management
Admin Management
Equipment Management
Online lab Report
Business Management